Our Vision

The annual Viva Tampa Bay is our marquee event, which attracted over 10,000+ guests and growing. During National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15) through the ViVa Tampa Bay community heroes awards, we recognize the contributions made and the important presence of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the United States and celebrate their heritage and culture. Hispanics have had a profound and positive influence on our country through their strong commitment to family, faith, hard work, and service. They have enhanced and shaped our national character with centuries-old traditions that reflect the multiethnic and multicultural customs of their community. Our Festival is based on a family fun environment, with food, drinks, art, culture, and music in a positive light. 

Purpose of event:

The purpose of ViVa Tampa Hispanic Heritage Festival is to kick of the annual Hispanic heritage month celebration and to showcase Tampa’s cultural heritage by celebrating the historical character and diversity of our city. Viva Tampa Bay is an exciting Family Art & Cultural Festival, celebrating the beauty of Tampa Bay’s Hispanic Communities. Guests will enjoy delicious Latin foods, festivities, and local band performances dedicated to Hispanic Heritage. Cultural dance exhibitions, and recognition of our city’s most influential Hispanic leaders who will be receiving the prestigious ViVa Tampa Bay Heritage Community Heroes Award in the following categories of First responders, business, community, health, academics, athletic, humanitarians Gold Star families and the category of the Amigo and Amiga award.
Viva Tampa Bay provides disaster relief through Course of Action Foundation based on the principles of mutual aid, and direct action to impacted communities in Tampa, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, North Florida, South America, and most recently Ukraine. Viva Tampa Bay also provides scholarship grants to high school students.
The limited Festival proceeds allow Course of Action foundation to award scholarship grants to high school students since 2015. Viva Tampa Hispanic Heritage festival once again meets Tampa’s vision and enables the following components; ViVa Tampa Bay reinforces, Tampa’s cultural roots, and historical attributes, is family-oriented attracting daytime and earlyevening crowds, maintains and improves Tampa’s traditional events, and promotes the arts. Viva Tampa wants ALL the guests to enjoy delicious Latin foods, festivities, and local band performances dedicated to Hispanic Heritage. Our goal is that our guests leave with an appreciation for the roots of Hispanic cultural Heritage in Tampa, the arts, and the traditions held.



Do what’s right, legally, morally, and ethically. We believe everything else falls into place if we adhere to these first principles and ideals. Integrity is a quality you develop by adhering to these moral principles. It requires that you do and say nothing that deceives others – the way it should be. As your integrity grows, so does the trust others place in you. The more choices you make based on integrity, the more this highly prized value will affect your relationships with family and friends, and, finally, the fundamental acceptance of yourself and your clients.

Count on us to operate in a straightforward and honest fashion. Treating others as we would like to be treated is our highest ideal and single-most important guiding principle. We thank you for an opportunity to earn your business on this event and your next.