Special Event Park Rules

1) No staking of tents or any other equipment in the park. Everything must be weighted down by sand bags or water ballasts.

2) Cord covers (yellow jackets) must be over any electrical extension cord or water hose that cross any public path ways. Cord covers are to be provided by event organizer.

3) Plywood must be placed under any vehicle tires and engine parked on non-load bearing areas in the park.

4) No obstruction is permitted on the Riverwalk or any public pathway without proper authorization.

5) Plywood and tarps must be placed under any heat source including grilling equipment, fryers, warmers, etc.

6) Public access cannot be denied — Park cannot be closed off with fencing no more than one hour prior to event
permitted times.

7) Public restrooms cannot be used exclusively for VIPs.

8) Lane Closure of Ashley Drive or Old Water Street for move-in and move-out is required based on Parks
Operation Team’s discretion.

10) No PARKING in RIGHT OF WAY of Ashley Drive, Twiggs Street or Gasparilla Plaza during Load In, Load Out
and during event. Vehicles in violation are subject to tickets and being towed.

11) No sidewalk chalk or lawn marking paint allowed.

12) All event equipment must be out of the park by close of business of designated load out date.

13) Electricity is available but not guaranteed. Limited potable water is available.

14) No glass is allowed in the park. Exception to rule allows only back of house server to pour from glass into plastic
cups keeping glass in secured location so that it does not end up all over the park. Glass bottles are to be
contained in cardboard boxes once emptied.

15) Class K Fire extinguishers are required for any cooking that causes grease laden vapor.

16) Propane must be connected by a hose that is minimum of 5’ in length and away from the flame source.

17) Event promoter responsible for cleanup of any grease spill or waste spill.

18) Tying off equipment or tenting into trees, railing, benches, poles and fencing is not allowed.

19) Gray water must be disposed properly. No pouring into the storm drains, flower beds and/or lawn.

20) No driving or parking equipment on louver fountains and mist fountains. No driving on non-load bearing areas,
Riverwalk, and Museums’ properties. Vehicles include golf carts, gators, trucks et all.

21) No confetti/ streamers permitted in the park.

22) Lane Closure of Harrison Street required if using stage pad at Perry Harvey Sr. Park.

23) Feather flag exit signs are required for all gated events. Signs are to be placed at all exits, including emergency
exits. And must be a minimum of 12” above the top fence rail.

24) Portolets may be set up the day before an event and clean up the day after an event, but they must be zip tied
closed when not in use. Ties will be removed during event.

25) Amplified sound is permitted from 8am to 10pm ONLY. While amplified sound is
permitted during that time, it must be played at a reasonable level.

26) Access into parks will be at the discretion of Parks Operation Team. Organizers and vendors are not permitted to
remove bollards.